Digital Camera Interfaces

We specialize in high-speed digital imaging interfaces

We developed our own proven IP for several leading high speed video interfaces, including CoaXPress, GigEVision, Camera Link, and more.

These interfaces are ready to attach to your data stream, or to be integrated into converter solutions.


  • Single coax transport
  • 1.25 Gbps to 12.5 Gbps signalling per lane, 1-4 lanes
  • Bidirectional control capability
  • GenICam protocol for plug and play operation
  • Up to 100m coax cables
  • Industrial high-performance CoaXPRess cameras available
  • Off the shelf CoaXPress frame grabbers available


  • Supports any Ethernet transport speed
  • Supports any Ethernet physical media
  • Uses well-known Ethernet protocols
  • Utilizes inexpensive Ethernet hardware
  • Interfaces to PCs through standard NIC
  • GenICam protocol for plug and play operation

USB3 Vision

  • Supports USB SuperSpeed bandwidths
  • Interfaces to PCs through USB port
  • Very popular legacy industrial camera interface
  • Short bulky cabling
  • Simple implementation
  • Typically ad-hoc control over serial port
  • Optional GenICam control implementation


  • Very common sensor interface
  • Popular SOC microprocessor interface
  • Very high bandwidth
  • Typically short cabling requirements
  • Extensive specification with many options


  • 270 Mbps to 12 Gbps per lane
  • Single coax transport
  • Broadcast industry standard
  • No capability for bidirectional control
  • Fixed rates and stream formats
  • Can be difficult for FPGAs


  • May be required to interface to legacy systems
  • Can provide very high quality for bandwidth-limited interconnects