Printed Circuit Boards

Design, Production, Assembly, Testing

We design, build, and test the custom high-speed / high-reliability circuit boards required for digital imaging applications.

Imaging Hardware Requirements

  • Very high speed digital interconnect
    • Impedance-controlled traces and return planes
    • Length-matched pairs and buses
    • Isolated routing
    • Proper termination
  • Low-noise power
    • Sensor bias supplies
    • High-speed digital driver supplies
    • Multiple supply rails for FPGAs and sensors
    • High-performance power delivery layout
  • Extremely compact designs
    • Fine-pitch BGA layout
    • Very small components


For internal project we develop PCBs with KiCAD. Based on customer requirements, we have also produced successful designs in:

  • KiCAD
  • Autodesk Eagle
  • Altium Designer
  • Mentor Xpedition


Custom Libraries

We develop our own component libraries to produce clear schematics and provide optimized footprints for high-performance designs.

Proven sub-circuit modules

Tecphos has proven sub-circuits for many typical imaging components.

Hand layout and routing

The performance and density of our designs typically requires hand placement and routing.

Reliable PCB FABs

We use qualified PCB production partners that we know can reliably produce our high-performance designs.

High quality assembly

We have worked with our local contract manufacturer for over 10 years. They also specialize in low- to mid-volume production. They employ state of the art automated assembly and inspection equipment, and produce assemblies for customers with the highest quality requirements.