Off the shelf solutions

Tailored standardized devices

Frequently, we can match your requirements very nearly to one of our standard products. With some tailoring we can deliver a customized solution with minimal NRE investment.

Turn key solutions

We work with you to understand your requirements and produce a solution optimized for your system.


Often, we can offer a fixed price prototyping plan to produce a solution with minimal cost risk.

With our requirements to hardware capabilities and deep background in imaging applications, we can quickly pull together prototype solutions that provide proof of concept and reduce your development risks.

Rapid prototypes can also provide demonstration capabilities to help get your project concept off the ground.

Production Devices

With a verified prototype, we can then “productize” a design and produce optimized devices through our quality-controlled processes and partners.

Leveraging production device development directly off the lessons learned from a prototype is frequently the lowest-cost and lowest-risk approach.